Cognitive Behaviour Therapy - Sussex

OCD is an anxiety condition which is thought to be linked to a misfunction in the brain.

Sufferers of OCD:-
- are troubled by intrusive thoughts which are anxiety provoking.
- tend to develop repetitive behaviours which temporarily ease the anxiety caused by the intrusive thoughts.
- find that their normal lives are disrupted by carrying out meaningless, repetitive acts.
- know that their thoughts and behaviours are senseless but feel unable to prevent them.

How can CBT Help?
Sufferers can be taught methods that will help them to gain control over their OCD. Significant changes in the brain have been shown to take place (through neuro-imaging) following treatment with CBT. While OCD may never disappear completely, sufferers can learn how to accept it and work with it constructively so that it no longer dominates their lives.



• General Anxiety in Adults.
• Panic Attacks.
• Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
• Child Behaviour Problems.

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