Cognitive Behaviour Therapy - Sussex

How Do You Recognise It ?

Your child may
• Suffer from headaches and stomach aches before going to school or taking part in a new activity.
• Tell teachers that he/she is ill in order to be taken back home from school.
• Avoid taking part in school activities such as sports day.
• Appear to be worried about failing.
• Avoid taking part in social activities.

How Can CBT Help ?

• Parents can receive instruction in how to deal effectively with their own worries and the worries of their children.
• Children can receive support directly to help them develop a more rational way of looking at the world so that their fears do not hold them back.

• General Anxiety in Adults.
• Panic Attacks.
• Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

• Child Behaviour Problems.
• Anxiety / School Phobia.
• Oppositional Behaviour.
• Aggressive Behaviour.
• OCD in Children.

• Treatment/Cost/Contact