Cognitive Behaviour Therapy - Sussex

How Do You Recognise it ?

Your child may
• Refuse to follow rules.
• Be verbally abusive to you and other people in authority.
• Deliberately try to annoy you.
• React negatively to advice.
• Argue with you over small things.

How Can CBT Help ?

- It is usually best for parents ALONE to attend therapy sessions
- Parents will be shown how to recognise and change habits of their own which are making it difficult for them to keep control.
- Parents will be taught strategies for gaining control without becoming angry and stressed.

• General Anxiety in Adults.
• Panic Attacks.
• Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

• Child Behaviour Problems.
• Anxiety / School Phobia.
• Oppositional Behaviour.
• Aggressive Behaviour.
• OCD in Children.

• Treatment/Cost/Contact