Cognitive Behaviour Therapy - Sussex

How Do You Recognise It?

Your child may
- Get into fights with other children.
- Damage his/her own belongings when angry.
- Damage other people’s belongings.
- Bully other children.
- Be verbally abusive.
- Have temper tantrums

How Can CBT Help ?

- Parents will be given guidance on how to manage their own reactions to their child’s behaviour.
- Parents will be taught strategies on how to maintain control without becoming angry themselves.
- Parents will be taught effective ways of punishing children for bad behaviour in an appropriate way so that stress levels in the family get lower.

- Children can be taught how to feel less angry when things go wrong for them.

• General Anxiety in Adults.
• Panic Attacks.
• Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

• Child Behaviour Problems.
• Anxiety / School Phobia.
• Oppositional Behaviour.
• Aggressive Behaviour.
• OCD in Children.

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