Cognitive Behaviour Therapy - Sussex

How Do I Recognise It ?

Your child may
- appear to be worried but may be unwilling to talk about what is worrying him/her.
- become focussed on a particular worry and demand continual reassurance from you.
- horde things that are of no value.
- pull out his/her hair or eyelashes when stressed.
- demand that things are done in a particular way
- be excessively tidy / clean
- be overly concerned about safety.
- practise odd habits or rituals.

How Can CBT Help ?

- Your child can be taught how to deal with intrusive thoughts and compulsive behaviour.
- Parents can be given guidance on how best to support a child with OCD.

• General Anxiety in Adults.
• Panic Attacks.
• Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

• Child Behaviour Problems.
• Anxiety / School Phobia.
• Oppositional Behaviour.
• Aggressive Behaviour.
• OCD in Children.

• Treatment/Cost/Contact